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Textile News: Langeweile. Boredom. Ennui

Textile News: Langeweile. Boredom. Ennui. is the theme of the 5th international challenge organised by Gudrun Heinz from Germany.
Boredom? A certain touch? Only at first sight. Participants from 14 different European countries have paid attention to this basic state of human life and found that boredom very often leads to a real source of creativity and inspiration.

Among the 120 textile artists having work on show are for example: Barbara Lange (Germany), Frieda Oxenham (United Kingdom), Simone de Haan (The Netherlands), Evi Kirchmair-Krismer (Austria), Cécile Trentini (Switzerland), Marita Lappalainen (Finland),
Monique Gilbert-Oversteyns (Belgium), Irmhild Biehusen (Norway), Martine Molet-Bastien (France), Tatiana Ishkaraeva (Russia), Grietje van der Veen (Switzerland), Elina Lusis-Grinberga (Latvia) or Aina Muze (Latvia) to name but a few.

This gorgeous exhibition will be premiered at The Festival of Quilts, to be held from 8 – 11 August 2013 at the NEC in Birmingham (England). The gallery comprises a selection of the best from all the pieces entered. Be inspired by 150 small format pieces reflecting a wide variety of surprising interpretations, as well as creative use of materials and textile techniques – it’s anything but boring!

After The Festival of Quilts this touring exhibition will later be shown in Riga (Latvia), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Prague (Czech Republic), Solothurn (Switzerland), Einbeck (Germany), Bremen (Germany) and further venues throughout Europe.

If you would like to show this exhibition, Gudrun welcomes your request!

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