Stamp Quilt by Els Van Baarle


You can simply make a nice fabric-stamp with cheap material.
Paste a chunk of wood (at least 2 cm thick) with all kinds of material.
It should all be the same thickness, so don’t put a button and a match together.
Cover the chunk of wood with double-fix carpet tape. It’s very strong.
After washing the stamp it will still remain on the wood.
Paste the shapes until the edges. See our sewing picture.
Cover the table with a soft layer, then a piece of old cotton. No plastic, the fabric will move.
Use thick paint on a plate or in a little container. Use a good roller and put enough paint on the roller. Take a second container or plate to roll it out so you won’t get any lumps of paint.
Roll the stamp in and make a sample.
When the paint is dry you can iron the printed fabric at the backside. 
Read the user’s manual.

Wash the Stamp Quilt it can be used again.

The stamp of the picture is made of felt, the one you can us underneath chairs.

Stamp made of rope, pasted with double-fix tape.

Stamp made of toys, pasted with double-fix tape.

Chunks of wood, pasted with (wood) glue.

Fabric printed with a knife, fork and a little strainer for thee.

Fabric printed with chunks of wood.

Fabric printed with matches, pasted with double-fix tape on a chunk of wood.

Fabric printed with a stamp of an inner tube of a tractor (double-fix tape).

Fabric printed with a holder for a glass of thee.

Paint in a little container.

The result.

The same stamp printed on painted fabric.

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