Make your own Quilt with Susan Dahlberg

Step by Step with Susan Dahlberg

Step-by-step description for a landscape

Please note: The complete image is quilted with a quilting foot.

Quilt with your special foot on a double folded fabric ca. 6,3 x 6,3 inch.
The thread should match your fabric.


Cut stripes of light blue and lilac chiffon and place theme over the sky.  Quilt theme together with a matching thread.

Blue mountains and bushes
The mountains are in blue chiffon in two or three layers. Quilt them together.
The bush is a green quilt fabric. To tone down the green colour we put two layers of grey/blue chiffon on top. Quilt together with the quilting foot.

The ground
The ground is a thin green fabric (no chiffon). There are stripes of camel coloured chiffon on top to remind the various shades of the ground. Quilt together.

The color of the tread depends on how many layers of chiffon you like to quilt.

I suggest: Gütermann Overlock 143/blue for the bushes and nr. 283/green for the ground.

Happy quilting!

Susan Dahlberg

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